Use of the kitchen area …

This kitchen area is a free service to allow you to eat lunch and dinner if you wish …

Coin cuisine de notre maison d'hôtes
Kitchen area of our guest house.

This "small" kitchen allows you to eat and heat ready meals, it is not intended for the preparation of sophisticated meals.

The loan of the small kitchen includes the dishes, the use of the microwave, two hotplates, a small common refrigerator, a hood, ( pots, pan, colander, garbage bags, tea towels, hand towel , dishwasher soap ). No ingredients are expected (paper towel, towels, oil, vinegar, salt, pepper etc…).

The only dishes to use are those which will be indicated to you, they must be washed, wiped down after use (it is imperative not to use the other services in especially the breakfast one ).

The room used for breakfast must be free, cleaned and swept after use.
Please also replace the garbage bag when it is full or in the event of "fragrant" food (the bag should be placed with the empty bottles (bin) and other waste to be sorted in the containers. corresponding bins outside (car park)).

You also have a composter at your disposal next to our vegetable garden

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