Offer a stay in a bed and breakfast on the Rhuys peninsula

Would you like to offer a gift voucher for a stay on the Rhuys peninsula to a member of your family, a friend or a colleague?

It's possible thanks to the gift voucher!

Bon cadeau pour un séjour dans une des chambres d'hôtes des Roseaux
Gift voucher for a stay in one of the guest rooms in Les Roseaux

About gift vouchers

  • They can be used throughout the validity period.
  • You can offer them for different occasions, Christmas, Birthday, retirement or just for fun …
  • Payment is only cashed at the end of January for end-of-year gift vouchers. For the other vouchers one month (maximum) after the voucher has been issued, unless the stay occurs less than a month after the voucher has been issued, the payment is cashed at that time.
  • For practical reasons, the tourist tax is integrated with the amount of the gift voucher.
  • Once the date has been reserved, gift vouchers are subject to the same cancellation rules as a classic reservation.
  • When ordering, please give us your postal address, so that we can send you the gift voucher, as well as the personalized text that will appear on it (for example: "for X and Y, two nights from …" ).
  • We will also need the first and last names of the beneficiaries, as well as their mobile number.
  • During school vacations, bridges, and public holidays, one-night reservations do not have priority over longer reservations. This also applies to gift vouchers.
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