The 3 best places to watch birds in the Gulf of Morbihan

Morbihan, with its Regional Natural Park, is a privileged point for bird watching.

A link on the birds on the site of the Regional Natural Park of the Gulf of Morbihan link (remember to download the brochure "or observe the birds")

We already deliver here our 3 favorite places for bird watching:

1. The observatory of the castle of Suscinio

Close to our guest rooms is the Suscinio Castle and its observatory.

Guided tours are organized by the Regional Natural Park and the Tourist Office.


2. The Séné nature reserve

Half an hour from our place is the Séné nature reserve, also called "Falguérec reserve".

3. The Reeds of Pencadénic

Finally, you will already find a beautiful observatory directly from our garden, which overlooks the Pénerf river and the Natural Park.

You can even admire the chickadees that have found residence in our garden.

Mésanges aux Roseaux
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