Regional Natural Park of the Gulf of Morbihan

The Gulf of Morbihan Regional Natural Park was officially created in October 2014.

Park is not who wants!

For a territory to be declared a "Regional Natural Park", it must be inhabited, and recognized for the richness and fragility of its natural, landscape and cultural heritage.

It must have a real project for its inhabitants, because it is about protecting without freezing, to develop while respecting the environment and local identity …

It is preparing for the great challenges of tomorrow: climate change, water quality and preservation of the living environment.

The Gulf of Morbihan Natural Park

Our PNR is an exceptional territory: 33 municipalities united to raise awareness, innovate, experiment, coordinate, work together, and find the right balance between development and preservation. To prevent the living environment to which we are all attached from being degraded, now and in the future …

Les Reeds and the PNR

The Reeds of Pencadenic are labeled "Values Regional Natural Park of the Gulf of Morbihan" in recognition of our attachment:

  • preservation of the environment,
  • to the development of man,
  • promoting the local economy.
Gulf of Morbihan Natural Park
Gulf of Morbihan Natural Park

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