Our House

Our House is quietly located on the Rhuys peninsula in the Gulf of Morbihan in South Brittany, next to Sarzeau and Vannes..

If you wish to get acquainted with our peninsula, we suggest this magnificent video filmed from a drone: 


You will find Les Roseaux de Pencadénic along the stretching of Penerf, with its natural park bathed by the sea.


The large terrace and its garden offer direct access to the GR34.

You can have a coffee there. You can also enjoy the common room or are served breakfasts or take your other meals, it will also offer you a sea view, varying according to the tides.

At Les Roseaux, you will be a few steps from the first beaches of the Rhuys Peninsula. If you wish, we can guide you in the choice of your activities and outings, and even reveal our secret access to the best corners of beaches.

But we will count on you not to say a word.


Terrace of the common room overlooking the stretching and the GR34
Terrace of the common room overlooking the stretching and the GR34

Why build a wooden house?

We planned and built our house in order to live in it, and also to welcome our guests, all the while making a committment to sustainable development.

This sensitivity to ecology has guided our choices from the outset, at the time of construction:

  • The frame and the construction are wooden.
  • The natural insulation is wood fiber.
  • The main heating is done at the wood stove.

In short, a lot of wood was and is still used 😀

Our values

We are very attentive to safeguarding a healthy environment from all points of view.

We have also obtained the labels "Values Regional Natural Park of the Gulf of Morbihan", and "Travel Responsible Brittany", in recognition of our commitment:

  • To the preservation of the environment,
  • To the well-being of human beings,
  • To our support of the local economy.
Travel responsibly Brittany
"Travel Responsibly Brittany" label
Gulf of Morbihan Natural Park
"values of the Regional Natural Park" label

How we protect nature on a daily basis

Our commitment is not limited to wishful thinking, since it is reflected daily in our consumption choices:

Our daily Ecogestures

  • The linen (sheets) complies with the ISO 14000 (environmental) standard.
  • We favor short circuits for making breakfast.
  • We sort our waste and engage in composting.
  • We manage our water and electricity consumption.
  • We collect rainwater for the toilet and the garden.
  • We do the cleaning and maintenance with ecological products (vinegar, white stone…), both for the house and for the garden.
We obtained the Ecogestes label from Gîtes de France

Our commitment with the Bird Protection League

We also made the choice to commit with the Bird Protection League by becoming:

LPO Refuges Logo
Les Roseaux de Pencadénic are a Bird Protection League Refuge

Specifically, this means that:

  1. We provide shelter and food to breeding birds,
  2. we inform you about birds in the area and good practices to preserve their natural habitat.
Protection of Chickadees
Birth of the chickadees to the reeds

Our garden and its view of the sea

Our garden is both ornamental garden and vegetable garden.

You can access it directly from the terrace, which is common to all the rooms. You can relax in the calm in the deckchairs at your disposal, while enjoying the view of the sea, which varies according to the tides.

If you feel like going for a walk, on foot or by bike, you will have to take two steps to be on the hiking trail GR34 (the "customs trail"), which runs along the coast. , the seaside and the beaches

Share our view

Share our view of the estate and the GR34 live with our webcam installed at the window of our house …

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