To eat

To restore you during your stay several possibilities…

On site in the communal room or on the terrace, in the restaurant…

On site you will have a common room (and a large terrace sea view also (at the discretion of the tides)) open all day and at your disposal *, for free, a small kitchen, with plates, glasses, cutlery… A microwave, a refrigerator, cooking plates, hood, pans, stoves… (* except evenings or we make meals)

The small kitchen
The small kitchen

This solution will allow you to enjoy the tranquility of our House, to exchange with the other guests, to reduce your holiday budget and to adapt your meals and schedules to your desires.

To supply you, the small market less than 20 minutes walk from us (1 km), the food markets of local products, Saint Gildas de Rhuys, Sarzeau, Vannes, Arzon etc…. market link

You can also order a seafood platter or a simple dozen oysters (we are located about 500 meters from the parks of oyster farms)…

Pencadenic oysters.
Pencadenic oysters.

The seafood restaurants, the crêperies, the restaurant on the farm, the traditional, the pizza Chez Leon… Saturday night at the Tour du Parc. Do not hesitate to consult us and consult the website of the Tourist Office link

For breakfasts check out our breakfasts page

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